The Brady Book deserves to be on the desk of every criminal defense lawyer. It will save you hours of work – more importantly, it could save your clients years of false imprisonment. Superbly indexed to guide you quickly to the applicable case law, this is the bible for seeking, exposing and punishing the deceitful prosecutor.

“Thank you, Kirk McAllister. Your Brady Book will lead to many more acquittals and fewer late nights online looking for just the right case.”

Larry Pozner
Past President, NACDL
Co-Author, Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques Published by LexisNexis

“In The Brady Book, Kirk McAllister takes careful aim at the pernicious and persistent failure of prosecutors to disclose exculpatory evidence, and he hits the target every time.  His is the wise voice of courtroom experience, and this book belongs in the arsenal of every criminal defense attorney.”

Gerald F. Uelmen
Professor of Law and Dean Emeritus
Santa Clara University School of Law